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Collection Wiko Firmware

Wiko Firmware Collection

Wiko K-Kool: V2800AN_MT6580_05032016_6.0 – Download

Wiko Slide 2: S5260_MT6592_5.1 – Download

Wiko Lenny 3: Wiko_Lenny_3_MT6580_V45 – Download

Wiko Fever Special Edition: MT6753_V11 – Download

Wiko U Feel Prime: Wiko_U_Feel_Prime_V23 – Download

Wiko Tommy: Wiko_Tommy_V19 – Download

Wiko Summer: Wiko_Maj_Summer_1.2 – Download

Wiko Minimi: Wiko_Maj_Minimi_1.2 – Download

Wiko Kawa: Wiko_Maj_Kawa_1.5 – Download

Wiko Kar: Wiko_Maj_Kar_1.3 – Download

Wiko Fiji: Wiko_Maj_Fiji_1.1 – Download

Wiko Dolfy: Wiko_Maj_Dolfy_1.1 – Download

Wiko U Feel: Wiko_U_Feel_MT6735 – Download

Wiko U Feel Lite: Wiko_U_Feel_Lite_MT6735 – Download

Wiko Sunny: Wiko_Sunny_MT6580 – Download

Wiko Jerry: Wiko_Jerry_V10_MT6580 – Download

Wiko Robby: Wiko_Robby_V20_MT6580v – Download

Wiko Selfy 4G: MT6735M_V07_5.1 – Download

Wiko Rainbow Lite 4G: V16 – Download

Wiko Pulp Fab:Wiko_Pulp_Fab_V18_MT6592 – Download

Wiko Pulp 3G: Wiko_Pulp_V14_MT6592 – Download

Wiko Sunset 2: Wiko_Sunset_2_MT6572_V18 – Download

Wiko Rainbow Jam: 16GB_1GB_V6 – Download

Wiko Pulp Fab 4G: Wiko_Pulp_Fab_4G_V13 – Download

Wiko Pulp 4G: Wiko_Pulp_4G_V6 – Download

Wiko Lenny 2: Wiko_Lenny_2_V14_MT6580 – Download

Wiko Fever: Wiko_Fever_V18_MT6753 – Download

Wiko Rainbow UP: V7_MT6582 – Download

Wiko Rainbow Lite: V6_MT6582 – Download

Wiko Highway Pure: Wiko_Highway_Pure_V16 – Download

Wiko Ridge Fab 4G: Wiko_Ridge_Fab_4G_V11 – Download

Wiko Ridge Fab 4G: Wiko_Ridge_Fab_4G_V13 – Download

Wiko Ridge Fab 4G: Lollipop_V14 – Download

Wiko Ridge 4G: Wiko_Ridge_4G_Lollipop_V18 – Download

Wiko Highway Star: Lollipop_MT6752_V16 – Download

Wiko Wax 4G: Wiko_Wax_4G_KitKat_V12 – Download

Wiko Rainbow 4G: V10_MT6582_4.4.2 – Download

Wiko Jimmy: Wiko_Jimmy_V16_MT6582_4.4.2 – Download

Wiko Highway 4G: Wiko_Highway_4G_V17 – Download

Wiko Highway Signs: V5_MT6592 – Download

Wiko Birdy 4G: v19_MT6582_4.4.2 – Download

Wiko Cink Slim 2: V512647_MT6572 – Download

Wiko Sunset: Wiko_Sunset_V14_MT6572 – Download

Wiko Stairway: Wiko_Stairway_V23_MT6589 – Download

Wiko Slide: Wiko_Slide_V14_MT6582 – Download

Wiko Rainbow: V10_MT6582_4.4.2 – Download

Wiko Ozzy: Wiko_Ozzy_V24_MT6572 – Download

Wiko Lenny: Wiko_Lenny_V14_MT6572 – Download

Wiko Iggy: Wiko_Iggy_V24_MT6572 – Download

Wiko Highway: V16_MT6592 – Download

Wiko Goa: Wiko_Goa_V12_MT6572 – Download

Wiko Getaway: Wiko_Getaway_V11_MT6582 – Download

Wiko Darkside: Wiko_Darkside_V26_MT6589 – Download

Wiko Darknight: Wiko_Darknight_V21_MT6589 – Download

Wiko Darkmoon: Wiko_Darkmoon_V17_MT6582 – Download

Wiko Darkfull: Wiko_Darkfull_V16_MT6589 – Download

Wiko Cink Slim: Wiko_Cink_Slim_M12102_MT6577 – Download

Wiko Cink Plus: Wiko_Cink_Plus_V7_MT6577 – Download

Wiko Cink Peax 2: MT6589_V24 – Download

Wiko Cink Peax: Wiko_Cink_Peax_V14_MT6577 – Download

Wiko Cink King: Wiko_Cink_King_V11_MT6577 – Download

Wiko Cink Five: Wiko_Cink_Five_V24_MT6589 – Download

Wiko Bloom: Wiko_Bloom_V17_MT6582 – Download

Wiko Birdy: Wiko_Birdy_V16_MT6582 – Download

Wiko Barry: Wiko_Barry_V1213652_MT6572 – Download

Wiko Fizz: Wiko_Fizz_V9_MT6572 – Download


How to flash rom using SP Flash Tool

  • Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM
  • Download, SP Flash Tool from here
  • Unpack FlashTools, and Click on Flash_tool.exe
  • Select “scatter-Loading” and search MT6xxx_Android_scatter.txt in ROM
  • Wait file to be added into Flash Tool, select “Download Only” or if upgrade “Firmware upgrade”
  • Click Download Button
  • Turn off your phone, remove the battery (if the battery is removable) and replace it after some seconds (and don’t turn on the phone).
  • and connect your phone into the computer via USB data cable.
  • The process will start and a red progress bar will appear after color purple, yellow.
  • Wait for flashing process to complete
  • And green circles display, Finish !
  • Reboot device
  • If there was no cache or userdata inside the ROM folder, you might need to factory reset device from recovery after flash

How to flash rom using SPD UpgradeTool

  • Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM
  • Download SPD Upgrade Tool from here
  • Install driver Spreadtrum
  • Unpack ROM –> rom_firmware_abc.pac
  • Run ResearchDownload, click on “Load packet” and add the .pac
  • Click on “Start”
  • Power off phone and connect your android device to the computer
  • During the flashing your mobile will restart automatically
  • Finish

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