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How To Know and Identify firmware

How To Know and Identify firmware

This is my guide to identify firmware version on your device: Spreadtrum, MTK, MT6580, MT6582, MT6735, MT6737M v.v


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Please read carefully, as it will assist you a lot in finding exactly version firmware for your device, and to avoid your phone: brick phone, blank, black, white or multicolored screens on boot when flashed wrong the Rom.


Normally, if your request firmware with info:

I need firmware J2 prime MT6580, or need firmware clone iPhone 7 plus mt6582 v.v

Or, I need firmware with info:

EMMC Size: 0x01D2000000
Flash Type: EMMC
INT/EXT RAM Size: 0x0+0x0
Reading infr(EMMC)…
id:MRA58K test-keys
PROINFO BaseAddr:0x80000 Size:0x300000
NVRAM BaseAddr:0x380000 Size:0x500000
PROTECT1 BaseAddr:0x880000 Size:0xA00000
PROTECT2 BaseAddr:0x1280000 Size:0xA00000
SECCFG BaseAddr:0x1C80000 Size:0x40000
LK BaseAddr:0x1CC0000 Size:0x60000
BOOT BaseAddr:0x1D20000 Size:0x1000000
RECOVERY BaseAddr:0x2D20000 Size:0x1000000
PARA BaseAddr:0x3D20000 Size:0x80000
LOGO BaseAddr:0x3DA0000 Size:0x800000
EXPDB BaseAddr:0x45A0000 Size:0xA00000
FRP BaseAddr:0x4FA0000 Size:0x100000
NVDATA BaseAddr:0x50A0000 Size:0x2000000
METADATA BaseAddr:0x70A0000 Size:0x2760000
OEMKEYSTORE BaseAddr:0x9800000 Size:0x200000
SECRO BaseAddr:0x9A00000 Size:0x600000
KEYSTORE BaseAddr:0xA000000 Size:0x800000
SYSTEM BaseAddr:0xA800000 Size:0x70800000
CACHE BaseAddr:0x7B000000 Size:0x10000000
USERDATA BaseAddr:0x8B000000 Size:0x145F80000
FLASHINFO BaseAddr:0x1D0F80000 Size:0x1000000

With the information above, it will not help you because no one knows exactly firmware you need.

Or, them for you wrong Rom –> “Murphy’s law


To find out which version of Android firmware is running on your device, just follow the steps below:

Note: Instructions vary depending on which device you have. Below are general steps that may not work on your device.


Identify firmware version based on “Build Number”

Power on phone –> Menu –> Settings –> About phone –> look at “build number”

This is version for your device:



  • Main version : V195C – V1.1
  • LCD: HD (type LCD1 – maybe have version firmware LCD different)
  • Rom verion: V1.0.3

Based on “Build.prop”

Download and install RootExplorer_v3.3.5.apk. After installation, open it and find the “system” folder, look for a file called “build.prop”. If prompted, open with any text file editor you have, or copy “build.prop” to sdcard.
After open “build.prop”, find text similar below:


Version for your phone:



Based on “Recovery”

Try enter recovery: Vol + or Vol – or Home with Power button

Version: Z6U090HA_V029En20161014


Stamp stick on motherboard

Open and disassemble the phone, look at stamps on the motherboard.

Example 1: This is version on main: Z6U190HC


Example 2: look Pic 1 and Pic 2, two motherboard looking the same, model Oppo F3 Plus MT6580, but 2 motherboard not use the same version firmware

Pic 1: B5_80L_WE_3GW_B5_64_6

Pic 2: B5_80L_WE_3GW_B5_DDR2_64_8

Flashed wrong firmware: 100% blank, black, white or multicolored screens.


So if the phone is dead, the only way is to look at the motherboard.

Remember always make a backup of your device before flashed new the ROM.

Recommend as follows: backup Rom as scatter (not *.bin) for easy saved your phone.


Finally, if you could not find version firmware for your device, read here: Fix & remove infected virus


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  1. how about this phone….galaxy j7pro


    tf020pcba403 4-32

  2. ขอรอม ASTON Premium MT6580

  3. โทรศัพท์ยี่ห้อ ASTON
    CPU MTK 6580
    แอนร์ดรอย์ 6.0

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