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Request Rom-Firmware

Request the Firmware for MTK, Speadtrum

This page will help to find the firmware (Rom) for your device, however not any the Firmware I have, but try your luck.

If you have any the Rom, and would like to share it for everyone, please contact me.


First, download List_Files.txt, open in the notepad and find the firmware name by “Ctrl + F”
(List_Files.txt will update daily)

If the firmware has in List_Files.txt, comment the file name, I will post it for you.


the name Rom in List_Files.txt
Read carefully at here: How To Know and Identify firmware

and tell me info about your phone:

Required information

  • Phone model:
  • CPU:
  • Image phone (if available) – but recommend
  • File build.prop – find in the system/build.prop (if available)
  • What is the problems your phone.

Also if the phone is dead (flashed wrong the firmware), show me image version on the motherboard your phone and only way is to look version at the motherboard (requirement)


If, your phone only infected the virus android or hanging logo.
Read carefully at here: Fix & remove infected virus

and use any Box device or Miracle backup at format “scatter” *.txt (not .bin – for any Chip MTK) and *.pac for Speadtrum, zip folder firmware and send to me, I will fix firmware and send back for you.


Read more: Change the boot logo on any MTK Device

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